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Basically, our project is a sound maze. However, we break rules by not informing the player that they're in a maze, by not giving instructions even though its a game, and by not including walls in our game. Thus, the player is presented with a blank grid, and has to figure out the objective is to follow a path and to find the path to advance to the next level. Each tile produces a sound; the path tiles produce harp notes and non-path tiles produce organ notes. The player uses the sounds to determine where the path is so they can proceed to the next level. After the game is finished, the player unlocks a free-play level where they can compose their own pieces using the sounds from previous levels.

We used MuseScore to compose the different songs used in each level and to create the "bad notes" that were used to indicate whether you were on the path or not. We took the music from MuseScore and cut it in audacity to separate each note so that each tile would play a separate note to eventually create the composed piece of music. Additionally, we used Photoshop to extract the colors associated with sunrise, noon, sunset, and night from various images to create the color scheme for the levels. Finally, we used Eclipse as our integrated development environment to create a java application that creates a JFrame where we paint a grid that takes key presses and repaints itself every time a key is pressed.

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