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We made our project so that we could focus on sound. We wanted to slowly back away from the visual throughout the product We kept it minimalist from the start, and then make sound the main point of the project, until all you rely on is the sounds to progress. We decided not to give instructions so that the audience would be forced into the perspective of a child playing after tossing the instructions aside, as we often did as children. 

We gave a tutorial without words, that gave hints as to the goal, but we also wanted a product that you could play with, with no concern for goals and objectives. The goals of the product therefore were to make a multifaceted game where the goals were based on the user's wishes. We included a game, with levels of increasing difficulty and a "you win!" screen. This is for the competitive and intuitive that want to figure it out. But we also made sure that not reaching the goals was also a fun adventure, for those who are or want to be creative. 

The audience is able to make their own music just using arrow keys, and there is a secret free play level where the same instrument (but different notes/chords) is played on each tile. The catch is that you don't know about the free play level until you complete the levels. This way, it represents the limitations of not reading the directions. It also influences interaction between people, as someone who has beat it would be able to tell you about the free play level, which is secretly accessible throughout the game. This was inspired by Sophia's memories of asking her older brother how to play so she didn't have to read the instructions. 

This game was set up on a monitor so that others could hear and watch alongside the person playing. We wanted to create an environment where people cheered on the person playing, or got to hear the person create their own song. Our motivation was to create an interesting game that drew people in, and made people want to come back and play it over and over.

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