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Poème Mécanique is a sound sculpture within a cultural hub in Montreal. It's intention was to "create a moment of intimacy and contemplation in a vibrant, noisy public space". The piece challenges its audience to block out all ambient noise in a noisy space and just focus on the quiet sounds in order to calm them. Emilio was inspired by this to incorporate sound into the final project, in a way that challenges its audience adjust their focus.

With our penultimate project, the performance piece, one of the constraints was being "unspoken with words". We thought about this in relation to the theme of playground, and thought that while children are presented with instructions with toys, they very rarely go through them and instead just make up their own rules. Thus, we decided to be intentionally vague on the directions and allow the player to decide how to interact with the piece themselves. 

The Dixon reading, Performing Interactivity, ranked the levels of media interactivity: Navigation, Participation, Conversation, Collaboration. The group decided we wanted to make a project that was particularly interactive, where the audience was directly involved in the result of the project, something that was at least Conversation and ideally Collaboration. 

NO_THING is media installation where the audience interacts 3-D, which affect a visual display. The audience is able to manipulate what the light displays by moving the object. Sophia was inspired by the piece to create a project that highly interactive on multiple levels, where the audience affects one element and that has a downstream effect on another element. For our final project, this ended up being moving the marker creating specific music notes.

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