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All of the members started off by developing ideas and presenting them to the team. We all went through each idea and revised it, thinking about how it could be made into a final project. We all agreed on the sound maze idea, and from that point we dived into designing and creating the final product. 

Emilio designed all the maze's grids, decided the colors to use, and helped with level design. Sophia picked the instruments to use, composed all the pieces used for the paths in every level, and designed the bad notes used in the levels. These were also used to make the free play level. Janine cut the music in audacity and helped implement, design, and debug the code. Sienna created the prototype, coded all the grids, mechanics, and sounds as well as polished the visuals and the final project.

The collaboration worked really well with each person contributing ideas and helping to polish and create the game. Most of the major decisions were made through compromise and discussion between every member of the group.

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