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We created an installation that plays music based on the color and object that is drawn. Each color represents a note on the pentatonic scale, and the object represents a percussion instrument. The circle plays a cymbal sound, the square a drum, and the triangle a triangle.

To draw one of the shapes, simply click on the object button and then click anywhere on the screen to stamp the object. To create a line that produces the pentatonic note, hold and/or drag the cursor around. If the color currently being drawn goes over a color on the canvas, a chord is produced.

We created this using Processing 3.0 and used Twitch to stream it on 4 input computers. Originally, this was to be the Macs checked out from IDeATe, but we did have permission to install the necessary components (Processing and OBS), so we used our own machines. One computer uses MultiTwitch, a site that shows multiple streams side by side, to show all 4 canvases at once, and this is projected onto a wall. Each input computer has a different method of input: mouse, touchscreen, drawing tablet, and trackpad.

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