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21 Balançoires (21 Swings) - In Montreal, this installation is a playful exploration of cooperation by using musical swings to generate sound.  We wanted to build something just as playful and collaborative, as well as fun and exiting to try out and explore.  

Interactive installations

Chalk drawings on sidewalks- Chalk drawings often are used by people to send messages, but by children it is a means to imagine and create games and worlds.  We wanted to make our Ensemble a portal for people to explore and imagine with sounds and color, and create beauty with sound.  

Synesthesia - is where some people have two or more senses mixed together, where any combination of two senses are felt together.  We wanted to emulate this experience by playing color and sound together.

Kandinsky's Point and Line to Plane.  -In this essay, Kandinsky discusses how the point is both at once sound and its absence, and multiple points have sounds which interact.  Lines are color, motion, and also sound, while the plane adds lyrics and temperature.  Here in our canvass, we take Kandinsky's elements and express them literally.  Points are a cacophony of percussion, while lines form notes and the whole canvass a song

Illusory Contours - Drawing over existing colors plays the color that you've now drawn over, showing you the shape that used to be there that now is up to the imagination.

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