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We discussed many many different possibilities for the final project, but most of them focused on already existing playground games, which was somewhat limiting. One of our more fleshed out ideas involved playing tag with phones using Android Beam. But eventually we branched out into other activities rather than just games, considering what kind of messages we wanted to convey rather than focusing on the end product and what kinds of rules we could break. We discussed our expectations when playing games, such as difficulty ramping up.

After a few meetings, we decided to do something almost completely unrelated to what we had previously discussed. We decided to make a drawing program that plays sound when drawing. We found a programming language that would facilitate creating this program: Processing. One issue we had, however, was implementing sound. Michelle tried tactu5, Marie tried Minim, and Rachel and Lucy tried SoundFile. tactu5 required extra software we couldn't port properly to our program, and SoundFile didn't play correctly. Marie was able to get the basic sound system laid out with Minim, so we used that. After we got our basic program created, we added some extra things, like the percussion instruments.

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