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We did most of the creation and implementation physically together. We all contributed ideas and concepts about "playground" when we were in class, and decided upon our final idea. Everyone had a hand in programming. Michelle was the only one who used Processing before, but we all struggled through getting it to actually work. Michelle created the color buttons, which Lucy later touched up. Marie was working on getting the sound to actually play using Minim. Marie and Rachel was also trying to look into getting the sound to loop, but it didn't work. Marie added the buttons for the percussion instruments, and Rachel and Michelle worked on getting the sounds. Lucy implemented sound looping and the functionality for the drawing tool where they would play the sound of the color below it at the same time as its own sound (to make 2 note chords). Rachel debugged the code to get the percussion sounds working properly and differentiate between mouse clicks (shapes and percussion sounds) and mouse presses (lines and notes). Using Github let us control the versions of code easily, and we created a task sheet on Google Docs to keep track of the tasks and who was doing what and what was done.  Michelle and Marie did the final presentation.

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