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We thought that our project was a pretty neat concept. It fulfilled our expectations and functioned the way we expected it to. 

We learned how to use Processing and GitHub while working on our project. 

If we were to do things differently, we would make the canvas larger, add the ability to draw with different shapes, have the colors affect the stamps, change it so that clicking on the buttons doesn't make a sound, and possibly add a clear-all button.

If we had the time, we would like to add multitouch capabilities and perhaps the ability for multiple people to draw on one canvas.  We would also have liked to make each station have a different color palette associated with a different octave of the pentatonic scale so that players are more inclined to work together to produce beautiful music.  

One of the things we noticed during the presentations was that a lot of people preferred to explore the sounds and colors by themselves, rather than work collaboratively, though what we would have liked to see more collaboration.  Another feature we would like to add would be that sounds created on one canvass (if there are multiple) would also be played on other canvasses, so players are encouraged to collaborate to create beautiful music. Perhaps a table which would record the sounds you made and play them back once the picture is finished.

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