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We went through several iterations of games before we arrived at our final outcome. At first we thought it would be cool to do something similar to the swings project where only collaboration would reveal a more beautiful and full outcome, but we quickly came to realize that we were simply copying an existing project. We weren't quite able to put our own unique spin on it and keep it as a cohesive project.

However, we wanted to focus on using a different form of interaction that none of us had any real experience with: the Leap Motion controller. This was the core of our project. It provides an almost tangible way of interacting with digital media and allows for the user to connect with the music in a completely different way. This form of interactivity allows us to bring the concept of sound and music to the audience in a simple package.

About the sounds being outputted, originally we were going to go with plain old sine or triangular waves. However we quickly came to realize that these sounds were too boring, they weren't unique enough to tie into the project well. Then, the day before the initial presentation, we had the idea to use farm animal noises instead of regular tones. At first, we weren't sure how well this aspect would be received, but after the initial presentation, we knew that we had made the right decision with this iteration.

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