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We think our project turned out pretty well as it allowed people to have fun as well as create cool sounds that went together. We learned though that giving instructions to people is a lot harder than it seems. We had drawn out instructions for people to follow but as it turned out, they weren't as clear as we though they were. While we were able to use our project well, others weren't as good. We should've expected this though because we were the ones to create the project. We found that others had a hard time being as precise with it as we were so we stepped in to give some pointers that we picked up along the way. We also found that people would put their virtual hand through the barn and this would cause issues with the cubes stickiness to the barn. Next time, we'd have better instructions and maybe have a demo that people could follow. But all in all, we got mainly positive feedback from those that played with it and that's what we set out to accomplish.

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