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Brandon: The intention in making this game, was to recreate the feeling of one playing video games with their friends, in the same, room, on the same screen, unlike today where much of gaming is done online, without face-to-face contact. In particular, I wanted to capture the tendency for players who were friends, to throw one another under the bus in-game. Thus, came the idea of using the Prisoner's Dilemma as a basis for the game's mechanics.

Because it is playground, we wanted to make something we can play with friends. Together with friends, we further thought that ideas of collaboration and competition should be involved. We tried to make the collaboration and competition special, so we came up with the idea of Prisoner's Dilemma. (though we didn't really achieve Prisoner's Dilemma in the end because of code difficulty)

Also, since we want to make the playground simple and fun, Brandon came up with the idea to use simple buttons to control a box to jump. The amazing part is a really simple game can make people really enjoy it, because competition is involved.

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