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Brandon: I think this project was a very interesting and difficult one, though I learned alot. Initially, we were very hard pressed to find and idea for a project that did not use code, since none of our group were very well versed in coding. However, after deciding on the game concept, I decided that I'd learn to use C# and Unity to create the game. I think much of my difficulties in the creation of the project were in collaboration and communication. We didn't really know how to use collaborative software such as Github, so in the end, the other group members, weren't able to help as much as they wanted. For example, at times I couldn't communicate my needs effectively and I ended up spending time doing artwork instead of coding. This resulted in me losing time in bug-fixing, and in the end I had to pull an allnighter to deliver the final product, which still was not bug-free. If I were to do the project again, I'd make sure to create more avenues of collaboration with my teammates, and in terms of the game, I'd make sure early on to figure out the use of time elements in Unity to properly implement the Prisoner's Dilemma.

We did a good job in general. We learnt how to make things in the process. If we had the second chance, we would definitely make sure the Prisoner's Dilemma could be applied in the game, since it was our original starting point. Discussing what kind of game we should make and what kind of features we should add is really hard, since everyone may have his or her opinion. It was really good we had an agreement. We could also add special effects to the game if we have more time. For example, the explosion animation when player dies, and changing background when players go further. If it is possible to make players play on two machines, we could also make their background music changing with the speed of their player respectively. There are some possible features we can add to make this game artful.

Also, we should have had more meetings. We met sometimes at Hunt Library to discuss ideas, but each person just did individual work. It was almost final so people did not have same time period that were free. If we worked together more and discussed more, better ideas might be 

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