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OM is an installation by Melissa Daubert that premiered at the 2010 PlayhouseSquare International Children's Festival. In OM, there are sculptures of children on a map of the world, with each sculpture representing 1 million children living on that continent. As the audience walks through the installation, voices saying "OM" at different pitches are activated, and as more and more of the voices are activated, the sound becomes more harmonious and peaceful. What attracted me to it was the fact that it was very simple in its interactivity, and while it wasn't the energetic type of playful, it still incorporated play as the audience is pushed to activate all of the voices to create that more peaceful sound and atmosphere. The only thing that struck me as odd was the penguins, which I thought was an interesting touch, but at the same time doesn't quite connect with the rest of the experience. The installation was more about suggesting that everyone in the world has the same voice, and if everyone in the world were to sing together, the result is peace.

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