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Our idea is to make a sound maze; the player with be presented with a grid (though in higher levels this will disappear) and they need to find the correct path in the grid. Stepping on a correct tile will produce a good sounding note, while stepping on an incorrect tile will produce a bad sounding note.

The user can complete the maze by stepping on bad tiles, as long as they step on all the good tiles on the way. This way people will want to go back and try to get them all right, playing the level multiple times to get the path perfectly.

We wanted to do multiple levels of increasing difficulty. The first two levels would introduce the player to the game by showing a small grid. In the first level, the path is clearly highlighted and in the second level the path isn't shown but once the player moves over a correct block the block is highlighted. The other levels would have increasing grid size to make the game harder for the player. 

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