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Examples of play:

The Rain Room. You can walk through the room without ever getting wet. I look at this project and I am compelled to run and play in it. It evokes a natural childlike urge to play in the rain mixed with a weird supernatural sensation of being rained all around but never rained on. It must be like being separated from the world a little bit, looking around and seeing that it's raining, but not being touched by it at all. I imagine one of the first urges a participant would have would be to try to break it, which may be a sort of connection back to reality, shattering the illusion. Mostly it just looks amazing. Fun, exciting, soothing, and strange all at once. Super cool.

I also imagine a sort of importance/self-centered feeling coming out of this.  Not in a bad way, but sort of in the inverse of those unfortunate scenes where it's raining only on one sad soul.

Infinity Mirrored Room. This one also evokes a supernatural kind of feel, but this one is much more cosmic. I imagine walking through that room would make you feel like your own celestial body among billions of other celestial bodies that are all very far apart. I imagine the fascination with this one, or the "play" would just be walking through it and seeing a vision that you'd never find in the natural world.

For a lot of people, I'm sure this makes them feel like they're exploring space, both from up close and from very far away from anything tangible. People often look up at the stars and wonder what could be out there, and with this installation it is as if they are what is out there. It's a whole new, beautiful perspective on things people were already curious about. In that way, this installation lets people play by granting them the ability to explore the stars that so many people are fascinated by.

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