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The results were quite enlightening; people who just weren't used to this kind of interface had a lot of trouble figuring out the controls that we perceived to be extremely simple (gaze, single button input). While we considered these data points as outliers, as our main audience is likely ones who already had some experience with VR, we still refined our introduction scene to be more explicit about the controls, even adding a pseudo-tutorial.

As we playtested even more, the story went through even more revisions to lessen first-person narrator presence and to emphasize player voice, something we would struggle with even in the last few days of the final build. With the first draft completed, our programmer was hard at work implementing every little thing in the game. We also added a new mechanic: text appearing when the player was looking at a location or object of interest. The game felt more natural as a result, when before the text would arbitrarily appear by the seconds.

By the end of the week, we had pretty much everything implemented in the game from the story structure to the art assets. We weren't relaxed at all though because we knew the daunting tasks ahead of us in the final week: playtesting, tweaking, and polishing.

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