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 The code we produced worked perfectly and our mechanism performed how we expected it to. The skirt could open widely and there was a clear difference between the open and closed states. However, we could have made some minor adjustments to fine-tune the implementation of our skirt. While our pulley device could successfully open the skirt to a distinct width, it could not close up completely because the springs that pushed the mechanism open would not restore without bending. The umbrella mechanism was a good idea to cause this skirt to behave the way it did.  Additionally, having a longer skirt would allow us to show how the length of the skirt could change when the mechanism pushes it open, and to allow a longer period for someone to pause the skirt as it expanded. It would have been better to find a way to incorporate the circuitry into the skirt itself instead of having the user stand near the breadboard and push the buttons on it rather than on the skirt.

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