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At the very beginning, we all brainstormed to give out a bunch of idea including building an actual playground using ps3/4 game boxes, pixellating people into funny pictures. It was then when Fred provided his idea to create a game that requires negotiation among players. At first, the idea was very blurry and our professor and TA are concerned about the idea of our project. But it was a good base, and, as we designed the game with more specific rules, the game starts making sense and actually work when tested. During the final presentation, our game attracted attention from our visitors and they gave positive feedbacks after they experienced our game. The challenges we encounter are mostly game design problems: how many minutes we need in the negotiating section, how many players do we need to make the game most enjoyable, etc.. We solved those question entirely based on "how would I feel if I'm playing the game".

We broke up the work into three parts, so Nazli and Jonathan were doing the coding part. They a lot of time in the coding, including searching for the tools and packages they are going to use and learn about the packages and how to use them.

I was in charge of the sound effects. I searched a lot of sounds on google and looking for effects that doesn't directly linked to our project but can fit well. Finally, I came up with idea to use some of the voices from Dota 2 to be our sound effects. After listening to almost 30 minutes of voices, I could finally make up my mind which sound I want. I use premiere pro to edited the videos and extract the audio out and added some effects on the audio to make the sound effects we have in the game.

Here is the link to the game:

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