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Issues Encountered

Common Unsolved Issues:

- Area learning offsets sometimes different, usually manifests in a player seeming very tall or very short.

- Area learning is occasionally lost causing the device to enter a sort of 'falling' state where the scanned world slowly drifts away, usually up

- Blank walls very frequently cause area learning to stop, which in turn completely disables tracking until something else is looked at, and the movement to look away is lost, causing sever rotational drift

- Battery life is abysmal. The devices need to be on the charger almost always, and even if they are left to sit idle with nothing running the battery will die within an hour or two.

Issues with workarounds:

- Mesh generation causes an internal sigbus error if an ADF is loaded at startup, solution is to generate the mesh and the ADF before the game starts, without loading an ADF

- Many Tango API pose controllers are setup to initialize the Tango service; this causes an issue as an exception is thrown with duplicate calls to initialize and specifying a uuid for the ADF is subject to race conditions. The solution is to copy the desired pose scripts, remove the TangoApplication initialization portion, and have that controlled by a separate script or enable auto-initialization on the TangoApplication script.

- In general several Tango features were broken (AR, mesh generation) on Unity 5.1/5.2 and Tango SDK Zeno. This appears to be due to android bugs in Unity 5.1 and changes in compatibility with android plugins in 5.2. As of Tango SDK Ancha these are now mostly working with Unity 5.2 and 5.3 (excluding the mesh generation issue above)

- Unity's network manager player prefab doesn't allow for different prefabs on owners vs viewers, which is important because certain scripts shouldn't be run on every machine (i.e. pose scripts). Our workaround is to use a script which selectively enables specified scripts if run on the network owner.

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