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The principle of this toy is to teach children about the use of angles and some basic physics kinematics. They would learn that at 45 degrees, with maximum force, a rocket would travel the furthest.

There is a stomp that the children will either jump or step on with a certain force that launches air into the rocket. The rocket is on a launching station that you can adjust its angle. In doing so it tells you what angle the rocket is at, and then you can set the angle on the rocket itself so you do not forget. After forcing the air into the rocket, the rocket will be launched to hit a desired target, each of which has different values. The children playing will be attempting to get to a certain score first, which they cannot go over. Thus, even though the 15 point target is the most and the furthest away, sometimes they will be forced to hit the closer target - this will allow them to learn more about varying angles and forces.

This will not be very expensive to create. These are already made without the variance, angle readers, and the targets, which would not add much to the cost at all. It would be very durable, however the rockets could potentially break because they are made of a styrofoam that allows children to launch them. These would be safe even if the children made the mistake of shooting at each other due to the fact that the tops would not be sharp enough to hurt anyone.

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