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Suction Cup Toy

Principle: Basic Spring Concepts

Description of Interaction: Children (ages 5-8) can change the spring component of the toy with alternative springs of different lengths and spring constants. 

Construction Cost, Durability, and Safety: It will cost approximately $25 to build (most of the cost goes into the springs). Relatively durable as long as the child does not try to destroy it. Somewhat of a choking hazard, but the relatively large size of the object can prevent that. Somewhat hazardous because if it is larger in size, when it pops up it can hit the child in the face, but if that is kept in mind it can be prevented. 

What I Learned: It is relatively difficult to think of a children's toy that is realistic to construct, that has not been created already, and that is safe for children. There are many factors that go into the creation of a toy in order to engage a child to have fun while learning. 

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