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Tightly Coiled Spring Set

Principle: Inertia, Energy, Waves, Gravity

Description of Interaction: Children (ages 5-8) can 'race' tightly coiled springs of varying lengths and diameters downstairs. 

Construction Cost, Durability, and Safety: It will cost approximately $50 to build (most of the cost goes into the springs and the stair case is an optional component). Durable unless the child intentionally bends or destroys the spring. Hazardous because the connected rings can pinch a child.

What I Learned: I had some difficulty coming up with toys that would be educationally engaging to children while providing fun. I would always tumble slinky's down the stairs when I was a child without realizing the physics behind the toy, I did start to point out the differences of a metal slinky compared to a plastic slinky. If different springs that are noticeably different are compared to one another, it can be beneficial to sparking an interest in physics in a child. 

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