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*The toy is based on the principles of gravity and projectile motion.

*The child will throw the football through the various hoops. The football will then be funneled down into a JUGS-type machine that will launch the balls back to the child. The angle and speed of the JUGS-type machine can be adjusted.

*JUGS machines are very durable and widely used in sports. These machines are expensive and sell commercially for around $2,000. This machine could be bought from a company. The siding will be netting which is inexpensive and durable. The dummy and funnel will be molded of hard plastic or rubber, which is also fairly inexpensive and durable. This toy will require a fairly large amount of rubber/plastic. Safety concerns include flying balls, fast-moving parts, and electricity.

* As a kid throwing a football I learned how to get the ball to go where I want. By thinking about sports toys I learned how angles and projectile motion are involved. I also thought of new ways to play with footballs to get better at the sport.

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