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Process Step 1: Reading from the Temperature Sensor

Initially, work on this project began be developing a circuit and support code to gather temperature data from a Dallas DS18B20 direct to digital temperature sensor. This was completed utilizing readily available libraries from Github (OneWire.h and DS18B20.h). Example code was reviewed for guidance from the code posted by krvarma ( This step involved significant challenges in locating and utilizing libraries which would compile in the Particle Dev desktop environment.

Process Step 2: Incorporating the dimmable RGB LED and Set-point Controls

Next, an RGB LED was incorporated to provide the ambient in-situ feedback. This was wired to the Particle Photon in a traditional manor. Additionally, code for cloud variables and functions for setting and displaying the high and low temperature set-points was incorporated. Further, a potentiometer was installed to reduce the brightness of the RGB LED when desired.

Process Step 3: Posting to Ubidots for Visualization

Lastly, the configuration of the data storage and HTTP posting was completed. This step involved including the HTTPClient library and associated code to publish data points to Ubidots. In this case, the setup guide on Ubidots was used for sample code and instruction ( Additionally, code to limit the frequency of data posting to Ubidots (one data point per 20 seconds) was implemented.

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