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Ultimately, the above process yielded a fully functional working prototype which was operating and logged temperature from 10pm Sunday 1/24 through 7:30am Thursday 1/28. With the Ubidots data logging, we witnessed that the temperature over this 4 day period ranged from a high of 79F (radiators on) to a low of 61F (windows open). At those times both my wife and I were prompted into action (closing/opening windows and turning on/off the radiators) by the indicator LED. The LED became a low cognitive effort method for us to judge if the apartment temperature was in our mutually agreed temperature range. 

Thought this device is fully functional, additional development would be necessary to encase the prototype to blend in better with the home environment.

Note: In the code posted below, my personal Ubidots DeviceID and Variable Token have been replaced with XXXX and YYYY respectively.

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