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For my own drawing, I used a combination of techniques. I started off with the constraints we were given for the laser cutout and string assignment. Using two horizontal lines and a series of perpendicular intersection, I was able to create a rough composition of rectangles that was aesthetically pleasing. Another thing I kept in mind was to never use symmetry, as it is a stigma in the modernist movement of art. The colors emulated Mondarian's works using the basic colors of red, blue, yellow, and the shades of black, white and gray. I want to use my own generation of a neo-plasticism work and use it to represent space and form, more specifically, the civil engineering and landscape design of our CMU campus.

 I represented the space using colors that signifying different types of spaces or buildings. As one compare this composition to a mirrored view of our campus map, one can see what each piece represent. The reds being large public areas like the Cut and the Mall.  The blue are large buildings with specific roles for example the top being Hunt Library and the far left, the engineering building of Hamershlag, and the bottom center the student affairs building of Warner Hall. The white generally meaning open walking spaces. Similarly other color blocks represents some of the other main parts of campus. Of course due to the constraints set initially by the composition, I was not able to show every piece to scale.

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