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Problem Statement

I designed this device for my girlfriend, who has a life long fear of home invaders. I figured that if she had some reliable way to know immediately and precisely when the doorknob has been turned, she might feel a bit safer when home alone.


In this project, I set out to create a device that could be affixed to a doorknob. When the doorknob is twisted, the device will indicate locally using an LED (to verify proper function), and send an alert to the cloud, logging the time which the event occurred. There will also be a switch to manually disable the device when a user is home.


2 - 220Ω resistors

1 - 1kΩ resistor

1 - 10kΩ resistor

1 - Latching button switch

1 - Red LED

1 - Tilt Ball #173 sensor

1 - Particle Photon

various Jumper Wires

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