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Most home audio equipment don't support IFTTT. Ideally I would've loved to link up our Sonos system, or Chromecast Audio to IFTTT, but neither of them have any IFTTT integration at the moment. Also once motion is detected, it takes upto 15 sec, for the device to play the song.

It took me some effort to figure out the correct way to use the time function within particle. Figuring out the structure of the trigT, and trigOK took a while, I literally had to sleep on it.

I tried to write my own version of diagnostic tool to check if the motion sensor was working (LED + Serial monitor), I still don't know why my version did not work. One missing part from my code was the calibration time. Unfortunately I did not save my version, so I can't go back to compare, and learn from the errors.

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