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I started this process by creating flow diagrams to understand what I was wanted the solution to do, considering the things the dogs are used to do every morning so no training is required for them. 
After this, attached all the components in the breadboard and I added "//" type of comments in Particle Dev, and filling them out with functions and variables. This turned out to be not the best efficient process, so I got to a point that I had to delete everything and start over again. I unplugged everything from the breadboard and then I started adding and testing every component individually. I believe that doing this was a good thing for my process since I reaffirmed everything was working properly, this is why I added an LED to monitor the functions of every component, although it was not required for the final solution. As shown in the Code, dividing constants & variables, setup, loop and functions was very helpful for me to manage all the information and confirm functionality. 

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