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This recording was taken from the outdoor staircases leading into Doherty, between 1:00 and 1:10 pm. Since this is not a high traffic time, I did not notice that much noise while I was sitting outside with the microphone. There seemed to be some conversations in the background, but in general it seems to be fairly quiet.
Listening to the recording later, I was surprised with the amount of sound that the microphone picked up. As it was a windy day, the wind seemed a lot louder and on recording, and came into the foreground while the conversations stayed in the background. The footsteps of people walking past the microphone seemed a lot louder on the microphone. This was because the microphone was placed on the ground, and the footsteps were much closer to the microphone than they were to my ears.
It is also interesting to here the change of voices moving from the background to the foreground and then to the background again as a person walks past the microphone. 

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