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When I was doing the initial recording in the Hunt 106A I didn't really pay much attention to what people were saying. I was very conscious that there were plenty of little side conversations happening, but I was not paying attention so I wouldn't be eavesdropping. While listening to the recording though, I could very clearly make out fragments of conversations that I don't even remember hearing the while I was recording. I also think my voice sounds weird on recordings and doesn't sound anything like how I think it does, but I think that's true for everybody. I noticed the sound of keys clicking from everyone's computers a lot more in the recording than did listening. Towards the end Francisco played his recording of Jake and I walking up to him and asking him for the recorder while we didn't realize he was recording. I could very clearly hear him playing it back initially but it didn't really get picked up on the recording at all, it was covered up by us laughing at and talking about listening to a recording while doing another recording. 

The recording was taken at approximately 2:45 pm Wednesday afternoon in Hunt Library 106A.


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