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IN STUDIO ;) is a system which alerts the user if their friends, team mates , classmates or research partners  have arrived at the common studio , lab or work space . The sensor can be incorporated within a residential or commercial space. It uses a Particle Photon , Breadboard , Led indicator bulb , Resistors , Photo Diode and jumper cables . When the light is switched on in a given space post sunset where the apparatus is set,  the photo diode in IN STUDIO  is calibrated to gage the frequency of light emitted and accordingly makes a decision based on the pre set metrics to conclude if the light is switched on and sends a customizable text alert to the user . The online Particle Photon Dashboard also gives users time log details .  

Problem Statement: As researchers we do not always know which particular rooms are vacant or occupied in a common studio . 

Goal: The idea is to incorporate a sensor in every room of a common space such as the Studio space shared by the Integrated Innovation Institute Students at CMU , based on the lights being switched on or off it would indicate if the room is in use at that particular time period. 

Reflection: The internet of things has immense potential and unlimited combinations of possibilities, As a an Industrial Designer and Product / Service Innovator it was a good learning experience to understand the problems that exist and how can IOT bridge the gap . It was interesting to understand the inner workings of Electronic Components along with the particle photon . Writing code in particle  and trying to understand the language a machine understands to execute certain operations was an exciting experience.    

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