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I made my recording while walking from outside Hunt Library back to my apartment in Oakland. I tried to pay attention to the sounds that were being made both by me and by those around me. The sounds I made were tapping when my feet hit pavement, and a swishing from my pants rubbing together at the knee. My dog was with me, and his dog tags jingled, although I couldn't hear him taking steps. My bag bounced a little against my back. The other sounds I heard were the sounds of peoples' conversations, some students tabling trying to imitate a cheerleading chant, the sounds of cars and buses (the buses were super loud and make puffing sounds in addition to the roaring sound of their engines), the beep-boop sound of the crosswalk (at one point the crosswalk made that sound while a bus roared by--catching the bus running a red light). Listening to it, the area where people were tabling sounds much more crowded than it actually was, and as I got farther from them, their yells become muffled. The sound of my bag bouncing and my pants rubbing together take over everything because the recorder was in my bag. It's sort of rhythmic and almost sounds as if it could be percussion instruments. When I stop at the street corner the whooshing sound of cars sounds more like a river than vehicles until one with a particularly "buzzing" engine goes by.

I can't get my recording to upload because it is too large.

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