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//moisture resistor code

// Define a pin that we'll place the photo cell on
// Remember to add a 10K Ohm pull-down resistor too.
int moisturePin = A2;

// Create a variable to hold the light reading
int moistureReading = 0;

// Define a pin we'll place an LED on
int ledPinRed = D0;

// Define a pin we'll place an LED on
int ledPinGreen = D2;

// Create a variable to store the red LED brightness.
int ledBrightnessRed = 0;

// Create a variable to store the green LED brightness.
int ledBrightnessGreen = 0;

// create a threshold to light up red led
int threshold = 1000;

// create a variable to store time when last published
int lastPublished = -1;

void setup(){

  // Set up the LED for output
  pinMode(ledPinRed, OUTPUT);

  // Set up the LED for output
  pinMode(ledPinGreen, OUTPUT);

  // Print the day for the current time


void loop() {

moistureReading = analogRead(moisturePin);

  // test moisture level
  if (moistureReading < threshold) {

    digitalWrite(ledPinRed, HIGH);   // Turn ON the red LED pins
    digitalWrite(ledPinGreen, LOW);   // Turn OFF the green LED pins
    if ( != lastPublished) {

      // publish event
      Particle.publish( "water_your_plant_soon", "Water your plant soon." );
      //update lastPublished
      lastPublished =;


  } else {

    digitalWrite(ledPinGreen, HIGH);   // Turn ON the green LED pins
    digitalWrite(ledPinRed, LOW);   // Turn OFF the red LED pins

  // wait 1/10th of a second and then loop
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