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I recorded this audio at noon in the 4th Floor of Hunt Library. 

I decided to place the microphone on the table at which I was working at, with the business end of the microphone facing toward the walking isle. 

When initially listening to the recording, and even listening to the recording as it was in progress, every single sound was heightened a lot more than I expected. Usually when I am in a quiet area, I tend to tune out things like pages flipping, chairs squeaking and the sounds of mechanical pens being pushed in. Because it's in such a quiet location, every single sound that's not the droning of the heaters in the background has a much greater prominence than I expected. Part of it might be because of what is expected when listening to a recording. When we sit down and listen to an audio piece, we expect there to be a lot of sound elements going on. However, when recording a mostly quiet location like this, we become isolated from our previous intentions. There isn't much rhythm to the sounds, nothing correlates and the same general sounds are being repeated, however, but different people at completely different times. There is consistency, but it is random. 

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