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Every time a user drinks coffee at Starbucks, a service will register that the user is drinking coffee out. In this prototype, using gmail, IFTTT, and Particle, we were able to detect if a user had more or fewer than two coffee drinks per week. Each time the user drinks coffee at Starbucks, they will receive an email notification, that email will be sent to IFTTT and IFTTT will let the particle know if the red or green LED light should be lit. 

When less than 2, the LED glows green, if the coffee count is equal to or more than 2, the LED glows red. Every week the coffee count adds 2 coffee outing allowances, so if the coffee outings aren’t used, they accumulate.


1 - Coffee Mug

1 - Red LED

1 - Green LED

2 - 1000 Ω resistors

1 - Jumper wires

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