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Our final product, Avery™, notifies the user when they have surpassed their online shopping limit by reading online shopping receipts sent to the user's Gmail. To activate the device, the user would set an arbitrary time limit and several purchase delimiters (i.e., happy = 1 or fewer purchases, warning = 2 purchases, sad = 3 or more purchases).

For example, the user might want to make less than 3 online purchases in a week. If the user makes 1 or fewer online purchases, the cloud smiles, remaining a bright white hue. If the user makes a second purchase, the cloud would continue to smile, but the LEDs would change to a blue-green color. Finally, if the user makes a third purchase that week, the smile turns to a frown and the LEDs turn red. The device would reset after the week was up (smiling / white hue).

In terms of next steps, we'd like to build out the features of the cloud (i.e., the face and the cloud materials) and make it hang-able. We would also like to find a better way to hide the circuitry.

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