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The Device

The device consists of a fish bowl, and a balancing tank. The water flows between the two tanks through a pump, connected to the particle photon. An H-bridge controller allows operation of the pump in both directions. The device is powered by a battery pack. We hacked a water level meter, using an insulated wire, connected to a series of 100k ohm resistors. The change in water level, changes the resistance of the array, and in turn the current that flows into the particle photon pin.

See it in action here:

You will need:

1 Breadboard with USB cable

1 Photon

2 – 6V DC power supply/battery pack

1 Peristaltic pump with silicone tubing

2 – Containers for water Fish tank and Balancing Tank

1 - H-bridge controller

2 – Insulated wire

2 - Alligator clip test leads

10 – Jumper wires

11 - 100kΩ Resistor

1 - Potentiometer

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