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Problem Statement:

There is a saying that “Women always lack a pair of shoes.” Shopping is a woman’s best friend, especially when online credit card shopping is so easy. You don’t even notice when you spend too much money online.


In order to help people control their online shopping habits, we plan to design a product can be put right next to your laptop (which you use to do online shopping), which you will be able to tell how much money you spend every month.


1)Find out the pain point

2)Design the product

3)Build the prototype with the circuit

4)Code in Particles

5)Test the coding with the circuit

6)Make a google sheet

7)Connect the google sheet with IFTTT

8)Test. Input in google sheet and get feedback in Particle


Our Project is supposed to connect the google sheet to your account on your favorites tab online shopping website. It will automatically update the information to the particle and then lights give feedback. To indicate the users how much money they have spent on online shopping, we set different colors and number of light:

 100 - 200 dollars per month >>> one green light

200 - 300 dollars per month >>> two green lights. Which means it is still within budget.

300 - 400 dollars per month >>> two green lights and one yellow light. The yellow light is a warning.

400 - 500 dollars per month >>> two green lights and two yellow lights.

500 - 600 dollars per month >>> two green lights, two yellow lights and one red light.

600 - 700 dollars per month >>> all of the lights blow. Which means “You are out of your mind!!”


The goal of this project is clear and useful. If we have more time, we will try to find a way to connect online shopping website accounts to the google documents.

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