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To control the LEDs based on incoming e-mails, IFTTT function was used. The bottle would glow green until a certain email was received, in this case set to "restaurant" which was set to the alert set on Mint spend notification email. Initially, we tried to control the lights by publishing an event, which turned too difficult. Hence, we used the call function. To make the 24 hour reset happen, function was used to track the program start time, track current time, and if the difference between the two is 1, the program will reset to the default state, which would be green lit bottle. 

The result was every time a certain amount of money was spent, an email notification would be sent to the user's e-mail, which triggers IFTTT, which triggers the light change. As these accrued, the amount of lights that turn red would change, increasingly making the bottle grow redder.

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