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Problem Statement 

People end up spending more money than the budget they set for themselves . Excessive spending leads to running out of money and go broke before the month is over . You end up broke and start digging into savings .  


The goal of the project was to encourage saving while spending money . As the user increases his spending amount beyond the budget , a certain amount will be saved. The lamp displays intensity of money spent and and change in color reflects money being saved while overspending . 


Bill of Materials  :

1. Breadboard

2. Jumper Wires 

3. Insulted copper wires 

4. MOSFET transistors

5. RGB Led strip 

6. 12V DC power 

7. Particle Photon 

8. Lamp casing 

9. Foam core 

We were inspired by the idea of encouraging saving and at the same time curbing expenditure to stay within budgets . We ideated many concepts ranging from Stock Markets , Stock investments , Monetary investments etc. We also decided the ambient product form to resonate with something like a clock to engage the user with familiar forms.