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The development process was a team initiative with each member of the team taking ownership of a different element of development (circuit/casing, LED code, servo code) and then coming back together for assembly. Like any project, assembly was fraught with issues and required a united team effort to finally get the code, body, and circuit to cooperate and function as a single unit. 

Code functionality:

The basic aim was to get 2 output mechanisms to display:

a. Current stock value

b. Analyst suggestion to BUY/HOLD/SELL

We used the real time stock values as our input and LED bulbs as an ambient display output for that data. For analyst suggestions, we created a dummy data sheet in google docs ( and connected it to an RSS feed to input the analyst suggestions. We decided to use the Campbell soup can as our indicator for BUY/HOLD/SELL.

The display therefore has 2 ambient displays integrated on one platform which give real-time stock updates and also suggestions about what one should be doing with their stocks.

IFTTT integrations:

We used total of 3 IFTTT recipes for this code. One was to extract data from the RSS feed (which was update by the google spreadsheet) and send it to call a function on the particle.

The other 2 recipes call a function in the code when the price goes above or below the opening stock price.

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