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The Device

There are two devices: a home device at the home device and a distant device at a relative's home.  The home device consists of a 100 mA warm LED and  photoreceptor that is connected to the relative device.  Each device is powered by a battery pack to provide mobility.  The change of day in each location triggers the other location to adjust as a glanceable notification. 

Bill of Materials per device

1 Breadboard with USB cable

1 Photon

1 – 3V DC power supply/battery pack

1 – Window

1 - 1 Warm LED 100 mA

1 – Jumper wires

1 - 47 Ω Resistor

1 - 100k Ω Resistor

1 - 10k Ω Resistor

1 - Photoresistors

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