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How did you respond to it physiologically (where the eye moved to) and psychologically (in how you perceived and responded to the visual scene)?

Physiologically, my eyes kept on seeking out the places and locations that I myself regularly frequent. Perhaps it stems from the sense of familiarity I get from those places, and as I look upon the city with so many unfamiliar sights, my mind is trying to take refuge in the places that I know. I especially kept looking in the direction of my house and the CMU campus. 

Psychologically, since I kept looking at places that I frequented, I thought of my memories there a lot, and thereafter my perception of each location seemed to match the tone of my memories spent there. Baker Hall for one, seemed really gloomy to me and since most of my hardest math classes took place there, I can see why. I was also looking at Flagstaff Hill right beside it, and to me, the hill seemed really lonely at that time since there was no one there. Most of the times I've been on that hill was when there were a lot of people there: sledding with friends, buggy, picnics, the Holi festival, and numerous other events. So once again, my memories of that place made me look at the empty hill, and even despite its vibrant fall colors, made me perceive it as sort of still. 

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