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What did you notice by the end of the experience that you didn't notice initially? Why?

Towards the end, maybe the final five minutes, I realized that the whole time, I had actually been looking down at the city but there was a whole different world right above me. So this was when I looked up and found myself staring at the largest mass of clouds I had seen in a while. It was one giant cloud, and the sky was white until a bit into the distance, where the white was suddenly cut off in a straight line, and then blue. It was truly like an ocean of clouds. The funny thing was how it was right there the whole time but I had not noticed it. I think the reason for this might have been my state of mind. I had gone up there thinking of the view of the city from there and had completely neglected the sky. Perhaps because of my limited viewpoint, what I actually saw was limited as well. This is another form of selective viewing maybe, just seeing what you want to see. It was only when I let my mind and view drift that I finally noticed the sky. 

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