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 Describe your working prototype: What did you create, how, etc.? What tools and technologies were involved? Include appropriate content and illustration

  We designed a habitat that regulates the plants growth through three systems. As mentioned before, each system deals with one of the plant’s basic needs. To water the plants, we pumped water into the habitat from a separate water holding tank, and the pump head releases the water in the form of mist into the habitat. The misting pump runs on a timer, and every five minutes, the pump will mist and humidify the enclosed habitat. To regulate the humidity and air quality, we have used a carbon dioxide sensor that opens and closes an aperture located on the lid. The systems are controlled by a Photon controller, which operates the three systems and sends back data regarding the performance of the three systems. The basic idea is to set up and to arrange different kinds of sensors that control different kinds of functions.    

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