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Open Questions and Challenges: 

What questions remain to be addressed? What are the challenges we’ll face when we build the structure at scale?

Based on the response above, one of our concerns is the variety of plant life that we are deciding to have within the habitat. If we are to keep things simple, we ask that only one type plant be chosen, as that leads to a higher accuracy and precision of the levels and thresholds we need to set for each system. However, if we decide to grow a variety of plants to build a case for the versatility of this habitat, we would need to create different sets of levels and data to cater to each plant type.

The struggle of assembly will be alleviated when the habitat is built at full scale, as most of the problems relating to assembly dealt with the shape of the jar itself. However, the overall shape can influence the effectiveness of the systems we set in place. For example, could the shape of the habitat increase the effectiveness of the water collection system? Could the shape of the habitat affect the location of the solenoid plug, changing the process of refreshing of the air within the habitat?  

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