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Speculative Proposal / Conceptual Design: 

Two analogous plant biomes, one on Earth and one on Mars, act as portals to the other planet. The idea utilizes a projection screen placed on a curved wall, since the biome is envisioned as a round square, a shape typical of inflatables. The inhabitable version that exists on Earth is to immerse its visitors into a forest-like environment that slowly transforms into the Martian conditions, scents, and types of plants grown in the biome. A meandering procession intended to be experienced individually provides the sense of infinite nature and relaxation that comes from a stroll in the park. The path first gives glimpses of the Martian half, then gives a glimpse of Earth from the Martian perspective, only to submerge the visitor in a private chamber for a one-to-one interaction with a plant living on Mars. These chambers will show different aspects of the project, such as the symbiotic nature of the different types of plants and organisms living in the biome. By connecting humans on Earth with the plants on Mars, we intend to complete and connect the two halves.


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