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Mirasphere is an immersive experience of our biome on Mars. Visitors will enter the biome surrounded by an earth-like terrain. As they walk deeper into the forest, the environment gradually changes til you reach a Martian environment at the end of the path. This Martian terrain is created by projecting live feed of video captured from the biome on Mars onto the wall of the Earth biome, while reciprocal version of our Martian plants are growing in front of this section. In this interaction, the Mirasphere becomes a bridge that connects Earth and Mars across vast space.


While the crew is in transit for 18 months, a gradual interaction with the Martian plants is established. The space helmet for each astronaut is embedded with equipment to allow them to experience the biome with different senses. A 360 view of the interior of the biome is projected onto the face of the helmet, while an olfactory stimulus sends in the different smells of the plants and the built in speakers plays associated plant sounds. This experience is designed to be an intimate look into the closed biome on Mars. To complete this, the astronaut can experience the biome tangibly by wearing special gloves that can simulate the feel of the plants in the system.  


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